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Animal Portraits and commissions

woof and cow.jpg

These paintings have been exhibited and sold, these are examples of pervious work all in acrylic.  

Commission me to create a portrait of your pet or a favourite animal or come and see an upcoming exhibition locally of new and exciting animal portraits in oil.  I'll update you on when and where soon.


During the first lockdown, the London Marathon was cancelled and so instead of running the marathon, when I was feeling super fit, I put out on social media that I would challenge myself to do 26 portraits in as many days, of people's pets.  All the proceeds went to my Just Giving Page for the RSPCA.

Commission me to create a pet portrait and I will give 20% of the cost to the RSPCA through my Just Giving page, which is still open.

Forgive the poor quality images below, I photographed the portraits very quickly on my mobile, as you can imagine, I was also competing against time and then sent these portraits to their owners, so I sadly haven't any amazing photo's of them.

pet portrait 2.jpg
pet portait 1.jpg
sketch .jpg
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